Sunday, January 31, 2016

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Our Menu

Zema Food Truck
Our Menu

The Appetizer

Cheese Fingers

Artisan Soft cheese wrapped in
dough. Crunchy on the outside,
but melted and awesome in the

The Queen
The Queen of our house, Daily made fresh and crispy corn pockets - Our 100% Gloo10Free Ladies - Stuffed with shredded
chicken/avocado salad and mayo mix dressing.

Corn griddle sandwich stuffed with
savory veggie black beans and
artisan grated white cheese… Vegetarian option.

The Hairy
Stuffed with seasoned shredded beef, with sautéed 
veggies topped with our signature grated yellow 

The Blondie
Our savoury  shredded chicken sautéed with
Caribbean fresh veggies and grated  yellow

Scrambled eggs with sautéed veggies..
                           - The perfect breakfast -

Machu Picchu
Stuffed with perfectly grilled shrimps,
Topped with great Huancaiana Peruvian Sauce.

Shredded beef sautéed with veggies, black beans,
grated white cheese and slices of sweet plantain

- Yeap! Mouthwatering -

The Fancy
The queen style topped with grated
Yellow cheese.

Porky Pig
Tender slow [really slow] roasted pork
topped on its own gravy.

Sweet corn pancakes
 - Can be filled with any ingredient you want -
Choose them and let your imagination do the rest

The Prices

We are The Best Food Truck in Los Angeles, California.

ZemaTruck Latin Fusion Vibes

We are the new concept for Street Food, savoury and delicious cuisine. Our best quality gluten free Corn griddle pockets called "Arepas" are healthy and real food, they are full of Caribbean flavours, tropical veggies and artisan cheese. Our mission is to offer the very best of the real balanced nutrition with the Latin Vibes Fusion Food. We studied mix of healthy ingredients such as gluten free corn flour. Full of protein beans, meat/chicken sautéed with fresh and Caribbean veggies and our signature cheese that are whole artisan crafted. Our recipes are topped with savoury full of flavours and mouthwatering avocado's, we have created our special mayo mix sauce to spicy up the recipes. Sweet corn pancakes are our new creation for pancakes lovers and gluten free enthusiast.


Our food is innovation for west coast Market, since is the first Arepas food truck in Los Angeles, the corn griddle pockets are 100% gluten free, and also we offer 100% Organic natural juices & introducing our first Organic freshly Sugar Cane Lemonade. Making a perfect combination of real, healthy and Savory food.

Our food has been featured by Business Insider and Thrillist as “The Best Breakfast all over the World”. Check it out! On Thrillist and Business Insider.